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Source: istock/distractify

Best Man Steals the Spotlight at Wedding in the Worst Possible Way


It's understandable to get caught up in a wedding. The love can be overwhelming and you just can't control yourself. However, one best man took things to an unapologetic level when he decided to propose to his girlfriend during his best friend's wedding. 

The unhappy bride detailed the experience, which took place last year, asking for advice on how to handle her now-husband's relationship with his friend "John" going forward. She explained the entire scenario in an advice column that has since gone viral: 

"My husband and I started dating, got pregnant, had a child, moved in together, bought a house, and got a dog in that order," she wrote. "Our friends and family have asked us for years why we weren't married yet. We always pushed it off to build better lives. We've done really well for ourselves and finally reached a point where we could afford a huge blowout wedding to celebrate our lives with everyone we know and love."