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Source: istock

The Internet Is Just Learning This Well-Known Fact About Peppers and Everyone's Mind Is Blown


I don't know if you are mentally peppered for this fact, but I was 28 years of age when I first learned (today) that yellow, green, red and orange bell peppers are all the same. No, I don't mean they're all from the same vegetable family — ok, FRUIT, ugh don't @ me. 

I mean they're all the literal same pepper, just at different stages of ripeness — hence the different colors. Which is crazy when you consider that red peppers have twice the amount of Vitamin C than green bell peppers, or that orange peppers are sweeter than their yellow counterparts.

And if you're feeling a little dumb for having made your way into adulthood via several kitchens and home-cooked meals, you're far from being alone. In fact, half of the internet would still be in the dark about this fact if it hadn't been for style and lifestyle blogger Amy (@callmeamye).