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Source: Sesame Street/Youtube

'Sesame Street' Writer Finally Confirms Those Bert and Ernie Rumors


You might not have thought of Sesame Street or its characters in years, but wouldn't you be lying if you said you hadn't asked yourself — at least once — whether any of the Muppets had interesting backstories? 

If you've ever wondered, or at least contemplated in passing, whether Bert and Ernie were more than just best friends-turned-roommates, then you know what I'm getting at. Rumors that the Muppets are meant to depict a gay couple have been circulating for more than thirty years, but today, we finally got some answers from one of the show's Emmy-winning writers. 

A 1980 book called The Real Thing might be where this rumor began, according to Snopes. The fact-checking website cites author Kurt Andersen as having first ignited the whispers with this whimsical claim: "Bert and Ernie conduct themselves in the same loving, discreet way that millions of gay men, women and hand puppets do. They do their jobs well and live a splendidly settled life together in an impeccably decorated cabinet."