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Source: getty

Alaska Airlines Has Gay Couple Move so Straight Couple Can Sit Together

By Mustafa Gatollari

Traveling in an airplane is an anxiety-ridden mess, but if you're traveling with your special someone, it can be magical whether you're stuck in an airport, worrying about carry-on size, mired in a layover, or even surrounded by crying babies.

As long as you're sitting with that person, as stressful as air travel is, your trip can be an absolutely delightful flight. But what if a member of the flight staff approaches you right before you're set to take off and tries to separate you from your significant other?

And what if it's because they want to move another couple into your seats, even though you paid for them and were sitting there first? That's exactly what happened to David Cooley when he was traveling with his partner on an Alaskan Airlines flight.