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Source: getty

Dua Lipa Rips United Airlines a New One for How They Reacted to Her Sister's Allergies

By Mustafa Gatollari

Dua Lipa, the pop star responsible for bangers like "New Rules" and "One Kiss," is angry with United Airlines.

No, it's not like they dragged her off of a flight like they did to that one doctor, or offered money to a disrespectful passenger, basically rewarding them for being a jerk. No, United also didn't kill one of Dua's pets, or force a toddler to sit on her lap even though she paid $1,000 for a separate ticket.

According to Dua, what the airline did do was have a "kinda mental" response to her sister's nut allergy. It all started when she told the stewardess about her sister's condition.