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Jane Fonda Regrets Her Plastic Surgery and So Do These 11 Other Women


Jane Fonda is the subject of a forthcoming HBO documentary titled Jane Fonda in Five Acts set to premiere on September 24. The Oscar-winning actress and at-home-workout powerhouse has achieved much in the way of acting and activism in her 80 years of life.

But Jane recently made headlines for a segment of her upcoming program where she addresses a part of her appearance that's hard to overlook, namely all of the plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures she's undergone over the years. According to People, Jane admits to regretting some of the work she got done in the documentary, saying, "On one level, I hate the fact that I’ve had the need to alter myself physically to feel that I’m OK. I wish I wasn’t like that."

And she's not the only one to take a look in the mirror after plastic surgery and realize it might have done more harm than good. In fact, a lot of people face internal struggles with themselves and their new appearance once they've been under the knife. A recent AskWomen thread on reddit had ladies from all the corners of the internet sharing reasons they regret their procedures, and it might be a good list to read before getting yours.

1. Side effects can be terrible.

Source: istock
"I had a bi-lateral breast reduction nine years ago. My left nipple became necrotic and I lost it. There is a weird crater there now. I have also lost my husband because of it. My self-esteem was blown and I fell apart. I am severely depressed and am not looking forward to the future alone."

- CircleKjerk