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Source: golden goose

Italian Luxury Brand Slammed for Controversial Shoes That "Mock Poverty"

By Pippa Raga

There's never a dull moment in the fashion world. From Revolve releasing a fat-shaming shirt just recently to the news of an Italian luxury brand's new expensive shoes that "mock poverty" (also available on Revolve, god help us), it's like designers have no idea what to come up with next.

Coming off of the contentious "homeless chic" trend that John Galliano started back in 2000 with his spring show for Dior, many fashion houses have tried, in the years since, to capitalize on this sartorial movement that looks to the impoverished for "inspiration." 

In a tweet that's been liked more than five thousand times, writer and reporter Joon Lee exposed the latest brand to jump on board this sinking ship, sharing a picture of Golden Goose's new shoe: "We’ve already got a problem if any clothing description says 'crumply, hold-it-all tape details a sneaker' but it’s even bigger when that sneaker costs $530!!!!!!!!"