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Source: Getty Images

Twitter Is Convinced It Just Solved the Jonbenét Ramsey Case After All These Years


Some years ago, a study in Social Psychology and Personality Science found that women are far more drawn to true crime stories than men. As someone who's been pretty much obsessed with the genre since high school, this comes as absolutely no surprise. 

In fact, just yesterday, I was discussing favorite true crime stories with a group of friends. While some talked about Gacy and Dahmer and others went on about beloved female serial killers (start with Aileen Wuornos and Karla Homolka if you want to dip your toes), I felt the need to bring the conversation back to Jonbenét Ramsey, whose murder case has been open for almost 26 years.

And perhaps I was plugged into the synchronicity, because as soon as I came home, I opened my phone to a viral tweet that had accumulated over 150,000 likes and 35,000 retweets.