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Source: istock

Gender Reveal Gone Epically Wrong Costs New Dad $200K in Fines

By Anna Quintana

Gender reveal parties have gotten out of control. From popping balloons that shower colored confetti to standing around while a couple slices a piece of secretly dyed cake, it's hard to believe that parents-to-be used to just find out the sex of their unborn baby in a doctor's office over a sonogram machine. 

Well, for one Arizona couple, who was trying to host the gender reveal party to end gender reveal parties, it went terribly (and expensively) wrong. 

In 2017, Dennis Dickey was just an off-duty border patrol agent when he decided to shoot a target filled with Tannerite. According to the Arizona Daily Star, Tannerite is an "explosive substance designed to detonate when shot by a high-velocity firearm" and Dennis had planned to release a colored powder to reveal the gender of the baby. So, what could go wrong?