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Source: Lacroix/Twitter

The Internet Discovers That "All-Natural" LaCroix Isn't So Natural After All

By Pippa Raga

A class-action lawsuit claims that everyone's favorite sparkling beverage, LaCroix, isn't as "natural" as it brands itself to be. In fact, plaintiffs are taking the bourgeois drinking brand to court, alleging that their ingredients aren't as "innocent" as their website packaging makes them sound.

All of this happened after law firm Beaumont Costales filed the suit on behalf of consumer Lenora Rice, and found through testing that several artificial ingredients, including linalool, is used in cancer treatments and cockroach insecticides.

According to the lawsuit, "The plaintiff Rice, desiring a healthy, natural beverage, was led to purchase LaCroix sparkling water because of the claims made on its packaging, advertising, and web site to be ‘innocent.’" But the lawyers found that "LaCroix in fact contains ingredients that have been identified by the Food and Drug Administration as synthetic."