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People Are Sharing Personal Unsolved Mysteries and It's Turning Us All Into Sleuths


Have you ever lost something in your room and had it turn up in, say, the kitchen trash can? These trivial — yet trippy — occurrences are enough to pretty much blow our minds and have us calculatedly retracing steps all day, like we're detectives who were just assigned to solve our own mysteries.

These stories are a bit more baffling than that — or, we should say, most of them are. From a library card disappearing right before the librarian's eyes to inexplicable visits from strangers who leave photos of themselves behind, the internet came together on reddit to share incidents so confusing, they've been trying to account for them for years.

Read on for 25 stories so mysterious, they'll leave you searching for your magnifying glass (hint: it's not where you last placed it).

1. We demand an explanation!

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I decided to trial a baby gymnastics with my 1 year old. She is having fun and I decide to get my phone to take a few photos. I notice it’s not with my bag but I don’t panic. I’d probably left it in the car. I know I had it in the car because I’d been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack. I finish the class and walk to my car that was parked parallel to the gym. I put the baby in her seat and call out ‘hey Siri,’ a long-established trick I use to help me find my phone. Siri doesn’t answer. I’m slightly more concerned than before, but I still get in the car, still expecting to see the car connect to my phone's bluetooth, because it’s in the car, right? I start driving and nothing happens. Now I know my phone is absolutely not in the car. I was already in the car so I pull into my mum's house (who lives two mins from the gym), frantically calling my mobile. To my relief, a woman answers, saying I left my phone at the gym. I thank her profusely, saying I’ll come right back and collect it. She says ‘okay!’ I drive back down the gym, walking in looking slightly embarrassed. The coach smiles and says ‘forget something?’ I laugh and say ‘my phone.’ Then she says ‘yeah go walk around and look for it.’ I paused. What? ‘But, I just called it and a lady said it was found at the gym?’ The coach is as confused as I am, saying no phone was handed in and no one had entered the gym since I left. She called out to the two other mums who were there, asking if they had any information. They didn’t.
So now I’m really confused. I borrowed the gym's phone to call my phone again. It rings, but no one answers.
I must have stood at the gym desk for five minutes just trying to process what was happening before I ask the coach if I could borrow her phone to look at ‘Find my phone.’ She hands over her phone, and I punch in my details.
The compass spins around a few times then stops. I see my phone on the map. Close by. In fact, only three streets away... AT ANOTHER GYM. I thank the coach, drive to the other gym (one I had never entered in my life) and see my phone sitting on the counter. I asked the receptionist who handed it in but she says she doesn’t really know. How did it get to the other gym? Where was it found? Who found it and why didn’t they drop it in to the first gym (since it HAD to have been lost on the sidewalk from the car to the first gym)? I still don’t know how it got to the other gym, or where it was found. I don’t think I ever will.

- QueenBizzle