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Source: istock/distractify

People Open up About the Terrifying Crimes That Took Place in Their Small Towns


It’s October which means it’s officially not too early to talk about Halloween season. If you live for the screams and the scares, you’re in good company. We’ve compiled some texts from the dead that will send chills down your spine, and some real-life paranormal experiences that might have you sleeping with the lights on. But today we bring you the scariest true crime stories, told by people who live in the towns where they occurred. 

This story is for adult appreciators of Halloween and might not be suitable for children. Read on for 11 true small-town crimes that might have you on the next train out to the nearest big city.

1. Remember the woman who cut a baby out of another woman's womb?

Source: istock
10 years ago a woman called 911 from the J.C. Penney parking lot, claiming to had just given birth. She had a baby in her backseat and the umbilical cord and everything. Took her to the hospital and it was obvious she had not just given birth.
They found the real mother of the baby, dead, on a popular walking trail at a park in town. The woman had cut the baby out of the other's stomach and tried to pass it off as her own.
As far as I know, the baby survived.

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