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19 Terrifying Stories That'll Make You Want to Never Stay Home Alone Again


There are so many reasons living alone is amazing, they would be hard to detail in just one article. My personal favorite part is that all of the messes in the house are mine, and that as much as I love having guests over, I have full control over when they come and when they leave. It's truly empowering.

But one downside to living alone (or just staying home alone, for that matter) is that when scary noises spook you, there's no one else around who will have your back. As a self-proclaimed scaredy cat, this is the reason I've only ever lived alone in apartment buildings and would never dream of moving into a standalone house by myself.

I have no idea what I would do if I heard footsteps approaching, or saw a creepy shadow in my bedroom. With my current building setup, I'd probably just scream until a friendly neighbor came to my rescue.

But people who don't live in big urban areas aren't so lucky. We scoured a few different reddit threads for the absolute scariest home-alone stories from people who lived to share their tales. I literally have goosebumps just from having read these (and it's daytime), so if you're home alone right now, maybe save these 19 scary stories for later.

1. Home alone, or are you?

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When I was younger I spent the day helping a neighbor rake leaves on his property. He was friendly with my family so he walked me home to say hi to my parents. We walked into the house and heard my mom upstairs talking (it sounded like she was on the phone) and walking around. I called for my dad — no answer. My neighbor says, "Well it sounds like your mom is on the phone, I'll catch them another time."
We say goodbye and he leaves. I go upstairs to see my mom but I can't seem to find her or hear her anymore. I search the house and it's empty. I'm thinking, "Did she leave the house while I was saying goodbye to the neighbor somehow?"
I call my dad's cell (my mom didn't have one) and he picks right up. I ask him where he is, and if he knows where mom went. "We're at the store, we've been running errands for a couple of hours." Instant goosebumps.
My neighbor and I both heard footsteps upstairs and a woman's voice. No idea who or what it was, but we both heard it. I waited outside until my parents got home.

- dibshi