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Source: istock/twitter

This Talent Agent’s Work Fail Story Will Make You Feel Better About Your Week

By Pippa Raga

If you're having a rough week at work, you're definitely not alone. And if you're anything like me, you might take comfort in other people's work struggles in order to feel better about your own day in the office. After all, who hasn't let out an audible giggle after hearing about (or receiving) a coworker's disastrous reply-all email?

I'm not saying to revel in their total misfortune, but oftentimes when people screw up so crucially at work that you can feel the cringe through the screen, it can put the rest of your own office life into perspective. And that, in turn, can make your day feel less pointless, and ultimately even instill you with motivation to end your week with a bang.

At least, that's how this story of one woman's hilarious work anecdote made me, and much of the internet, feel. An author and actress named Quinn Cummings took to Twitter to tell the story of the worst mistake she's ever made at work, and welcomes readers to recall this tale any time they need consolation from "whatever you do in your office today, this week, [or] the rest of this year." 

Buckle up. It's definitely a doozy.