People Are Sharing the Most "Michael Scott" Things Their Bosses Have Done and We Want to Leave Work to Watch 'The Office'

People are sharing times when their bosses embodied Michael Scott from 'The Office.'


Nov. 5 2018, Updated 3:08 p.m. ET

Source: NBC

Having Michael Scott from The Office as your boss would be... interesting with a touch of cringe, if we were to imagine working a day at Dunder Mifflin. From Michael's undeniable sincerity (and oblivion to office etiquette) to his unwavering company loyalty, he really embodied workplace leadership in his own very unique way. 

Recently, people got together on reddit to share the most Michael Scott things their own bosses have done, and they're making us want to walk out of work to binge The Office for the rest of the day. 

Read on for 11 times bosses proved they were worthy of Michael Scott's World's Best Boss mug. 

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1. When he made an employee's funeral super duper awkward.

Source: NBC
Delivered a eulogy at an employee's funeral.
The first cringe came when he described how much the deceased cared for his ex-wife and daughter. "I see how much is garnished from his paycheck for them every week, and he never once complained about it."
The last cringe was when he asked for a couple minutes of silence so we could all remember him in our own way. Then he talked through it.

- Scrappy_Larue

2. When he effectively made this employee Jim Halpert.

Source: NBC
I was already doing the job for a year as a fill in when I interviewed for the position, but they gave it to someone else. I then had to train that person to do the job. Two months later they moved him to another position, and had me take on that responsibility again. He still had the position and title, I just did the work.

- ninjabortles

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3. When he was upset his employees weren't sufficiently impressed with him.

Source: NBC
When Siri was still relatively new, like three months after it came out, my manager at the time called a meeting for the full floor to come into a conference room so he could sit there and give it commands for us to listen to. At least 15 people in that room already had it.
He got mad and yelled at us to go do something productive when we weren't sufficiently impressed.

- petethepianist

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4. When he went through a round of fake fires.

Source: NBC
I literally got fake fired. He pulled me into the office, used the first few minutes to fake fire me, and then went on to ask if I'd be interested in a new position and job title. 4/10 would not be fake fired again.

- ChunderMifflin

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5. When he brought a Tinder date to watch him get promoted.

Source: NBC
Today my boss (Captain in the U.S. Army) got promoted to Major, he had a girl show up to put his new rank on and witness the ceremony. We all thought it was his wife, turns out it was a Tinder date and he had just met her this morning, he told her she needed to do this for her country. We're all still laughing.

- PlutoniumPandemonium

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6. When they started their own version of the Dundies.

Source: NBC
Boss decided that every month one employee in our department would be rewarded for going above and beyond at their job. Basically you got some gift cards and what not for doing a good job. Also she decided to put this huge gold and glitter six point golden star on the door of your office. The first person who won was Jewish.

- filthy_tiger


My boss had a mandatory employee appreciation day, where she was given an award she created. There was two introductory speeches, her acceptance speech a song and a poem.

- MrsPooPooPants

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7. When he used an egg timer to keep conversations to under five minutes.

Source: NBC
Not my boss anymore, but he had an egg timer that he would use to time conversations that he had with everyone.
I think he must have read this in some management blog or something. The idea was that there was nothing that couldn't be communicated in less than 5 minutes, and this would improve efficiency.
Sometimes he'd set it for 5 minutes and slap the egg timer down, sit down, and give you an intense look. Then you'd ask what the wifi password is, and he'd say "password123," pick up his timer and leave.
Other times you'd be talking about something complicated that involved multiple parties and a lot of moving parts, so 5 minutes in you'd be interrupted by the timer buzzing.
He'd set it for another 5, and 5 minutes later he'd be interrupted by the timer buzzing.
He would just keep doing this, getting more and more annoyed as he fumbled with the buzzer each time he reset it.
After doing that enough times eventually he would turn it off completely. He could get up to a good 35 or 40 minutes of that sometimes, though.
He was also a pretty good guy. Much like Michael Scott. Really strong moral character that I haven't really seen in anyone in my industry since, now that I think about it.

- MaleficentOstrich

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8. When he revealed his undying love for ice cream.

Source: NBC
The office I worked in did a really good job with numbers one month, but there was little money for recognition... we were in a hiring freeze (not to mention pay freezes and talks of potential lay offs). The boss went out of pocket and bought us all ice cream sandwiches. He meant it in the best way possible, but he was not a fan of the show and was throwing ice cream sandwiches to people, so that was funny!

- The-Insurance-Lady

We had a sales goal to hit, and if we hit it we would get an "ice cream social," which was supposed to be having an ice cream truck come to our office. Instead they just bought a tub of vanilla and made a huge deal out of it.

- ooo-ooo-oooyea

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9. When he's lowkey gross to women.

Source: NBC
I asked him if I could go on break. He jokingly said something along the lines of "I dont know. Do you really deserve a break?" My male coworker standing right next to him said "She works her a-- off." My boss then leaned back, as if he was looking at my butt, and then told me I could go on break.

- MrsFlyslamz

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10. When he wanted all the employees to hang out with him.

Source: NBC
A gaming company I worked at a few years ago would play TF2 over lunch and/or end our day with 15 minutes of quick games. One day, just as everyone is getting in, the boss decides he wants us to all play TF2 with him now. We're all stressed about a deadline and are still tired, so just wanted to settle in so we could do our work.
Boss says if we're not going to play TF2 with him then we had to clock out. We stared at him in stunned silence for a moment before someone finally said "Well then I'm going home," and made to leave, with some of us agreeing. Boss backed off and admitted he'd crossed a line and bought us pizza that afternoon, and we were allowed to do our work AND get paid for it.

- crazylazylazer

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11. When they overshare at work.

Source: NBC
She used a monthly meeting to discuss her childhood issues. In front of 20 people, all her employees. Then she passed a photo around the room for everyone to look at, a photo of herself when she was 8 years old. And then she asked us to find what was wrong with the picture. We gave bullshit answers, thinking this was some sort of corporate activity. But no, it was not. The correct answer was that the little girl on the picture wasn’t smiling. Because, our boss explained, that little girl had "never learnt to smile and she still has to." She left on medical leave the very next day.

- dfranc_

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