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Source: NBC

People Are Sharing the Most "Michael Scott" Things Their Bosses Have Done and We Want to Leave Work to Watch 'The Office'


Having Michael Scott from The Office as your boss would be... interesting with a touch of cringe, if we were to imagine working a day at Dunder Mifflin. From Michael's undeniable sincerity (and oblivion to office etiquette) to his unwavering company loyalty, he really embodied workplace leadership in his own very unique way. 

Recently, people got together on reddit to share the most Michael Scott things their own bosses have done, and they're making us want to walk out of work to binge The Office for the rest of the day. 

Read on for 11 times bosses proved they were worthy of Michael Scott's World's Best Boss mug. 

1. When he made an employee's funeral super duper awkward.

Source: NBC
Delivered a eulogy at an employee's funeral.
The first cringe came when he described how much the deceased cared for his ex-wife and daughter. "I see how much is garnished from his paycheck for them every week, and he never once complained about it."
The last cringe was when he asked for a couple minutes of silence so we could all remember him in our own way. Then he talked through it.

- Scrappy_Larue