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Source: istock

These Are the Secrets Your Office Doesn't Want You to Know, According to People Who Work There


Offices are... interesting places. You spend 40 hours of the week there, try to be friendly with your coworkers while attempting to maintain a handle on office politics that don't involve you (on the DL, obviously) — all so you can tell yourself you're definitely "plugged in" to your work culture. 

And the longer you stay in any place, the more complex and convoluted those politics get. Maybe it all started when you found the secret closet no one uses and set up a pile of jackets and blankets to innocently nap there mid-afternoon. But then all of a sudden, you heard your coworker flirting with your boss, and the lady from HR saying mean things behind your back — and now your 9-to-5 has turned into a sitcom that you can't tell anyone about.

Below, workers with office secrets finally found a spot to spill all their beans. Thank God! This is the workday drama we didn't know we needed.

1. A lot goes on at schools after the last bell rings...

Source: istock
"I work in education.
My former chairman allowed a female employee to embezzle money from the school. I found out and blew the whistle. I assumed the woman would be fired and the chair would be demoted. Instead, the woman was asked to quit and given a package, and the chair stayed in his position because of his status as a coach. He proceeded to make my job very difficult for the next five years until he gave up the chairmanship to someone competent. The woman was his work wife and mistress, who also used to be his student, at our school."

- mikeymikeymikey1968