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Source: facebook

This Instagram Stalker Isn't Scary at First, Until You See This Other Woman's Account

By Mustafa Gatollari

Listen, we all have that person we wish we could look like, or maybe it's an amalgamation of features from other individuals that we dream of being genetically fortunate enough to have inherited.

I wish I had Zac Efron's hairline and v-taper, paired with Jason Mamoa's complexion and overall hotness. Or I'll take just being Idris Elba, that'd be amazing too. Oh, and the ability to KO people and move like a prime-era Mike Tyson, and be as charming as Robert Downey Jr.

As much as I wish I was like all of these enviable men, I don't do anything drastic to go and be like them, because the whole reason why they're special is because they invested so much in themselves and are only concerned with being the best versions of themselves as possible.