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Source: twitter

People Are Showing off Their Baby Helmets in Response to This Chrissy Teigen Photo


Chrissy Teigen's latest tweet has got a lot of people talking about baby helmets after recently sharing a photo of her son wearing one to protect his plagiocephaly, otherwise known as flat head syndrome. 

I remember the first time I saw a baby wearing a helmet like this while shopping with my girlfriend at the time.

"I guess she's just a really overprotective mom," I whispered.

 Now if eye-rolls could make a sound, my GF's would've been a scream.

"It's to fix their flat heads, Taf."

Since then, I've seen tons of baby helmets with children and their parents rocking them proudly. Now that I'm a parent myself, I've even noted cool designs for the corrective devices, should my children ever need to wear one. This awesome Mega Man one is a pretty good example of the vibe I was feeling.