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Source: 20th Century Fox

Nuns Pull Off Impressive Half a Million Dollar Embezzlement


When my parents sent me to a convent in high school, I'm pretty sure they were mostly focused more on me excelling academically and less on the lifelong obsession with nuns my Sacred Heart education would instill in me.

To be honest, I've watched every TV special and movie set in a nunnery or with sisters as their protagonists from The Sound of Music to Agnes of God, so AMA. But the best movie about nuns ever — which some are already calling Sister Act 3: Hard Habit to Break and Nuns on the Run 2 — has yet to be written.

As absolutely implausible as it might seem, two nuns were recently found guilty of embezzling about half a million dollars from St. James School, the Catholic school in Torrance, CA where they both taught, according to Press-Telegram. Best of all, because they've both said they're sorry, it seems like they're going to get away with it.