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Source: facebook

Woman with Dragon Display Schools Her Irate Neighbors on the True Meaning of Christmas


'Tis the season to be jolly, no matter how you wish to celebrate the holidays this year. Diana Rowland, a former cop and morgue tech turned fantasy author, plastered inflatable dragons along her lawn to express her festive spirit to the rest of her southern Louisiana neighborhood.

But her neighbors weren't impressed. She recently posted a tweet that garnered over 35,000 likes and has nearly 10,000 shares, detailing a spat that took place the way most passive-aggressive feuds do: through typed communications in all caps.

“Your dragon display is only marginally acceptable at Halloween,” it reads. “It is totally inappropriate at Christmas.” 

"Apparently the 'true meaning of Christmas' involves judgmental bulls--t?" Diana tweeted in response. And dragon lovers all around the internet are rallying behind Diana in her defense. 

After all, we've all seen our fair share of holiday decorations that are questionable at the very best. Case in point: As I sit here typing, my neighbor's inflatable elephant with Santa riding on its back is towering over me from two houses over.

Source: Twitter