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Source: twitter

34 Family Christmas Cards That Are Just Too Real


Christmas and tradition go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly or medical dramas and the uncomfortable knowledge that no doctor who's ever looked after you in real life cares a fraction as much about their patients as the ones on TV do. Chilling.

And while TV might not keep always "keep it real", there are some families who are opting to bypass all of the overly-sentimental and saccharine attempts and holiness and yuletide cheer this Christmas season.

Instead, they used their holiday cards to tell a joke. Because if we're being completely honest, most of us hold on to them for a long time because we feel bad about throwing them out, not because they wow us or anything.

1. When you just found out Santa wasn't real...


...but you're trying to have yourself a merry little Christmas anyway. 

2. Then there was this excellent family and their series of Christmas cards.

Source: reddit

3. For years they've been documenting what it's been like raising kids.

Source: reddit

4. And having to deal with the insanity of making sure they don't murder themselves/destroy the home over the holidays.

Source: reddit

5. I remember my first joy ride.

Source: reddit

Hehe, four years old was a wild time.

6. Once the boys got a baby sister, things became infinitely more interesting.

Source: reddit

You can check out their original Reddit post about their Holiday misadventures here.

7. Then there are people who pose with those they really love at Christmas time.

Source: reddit

This dog and cat duo rocks.

8. What about this savage Christmas card all single people can relate to?

Source: twitter

Emily doesn't look too broken up about it, however. Her smile says it all.

9. The Bergerons have a hilarious, long-standing Holiday tradition, too.

Source: imgur

10. Every Christmas is a family photo affair.

Source: imgur

11. With wonderful themes like every Redneck ever.

Source: imgur

12. And insufferable French Canadian family.

Source: imgur

13. Gender swapping!

Source: imgur

14. Dance-tastic extravaganza!

Source: imgur

15. Fans of The Cure will love this card.

Source: imgur

16. OK, this little cute message is actually amazing.

Source: imgur

17. This legit looks like a family I grew up with. So good.

Source: imgur

18. Have yourself an enlightened little Christmas...

Source: imgur

19. Hands down favorite.

Source: imgur

20. He kinds of looks like Ryan Reynolds pretending to be a nerd.

Source: imgur

21. American Gothic FTW.

Source: imgur

22. Everyone's favorite Mid-Western aunt and uncle.

Source: imgur

23. Gotta love the classy t-shirt/drink combo.

Source: imgur

24. These people are desperately clinging to their '30s.

Source: imgur

The best part about the Bergerons is that they've documented all of the work and thought-processes that went behind each year's card. It's pretty darn great, you can check it all out here.

25. There's another family that's been providing knee-slapping cards for years, as well.

Source: imgur

26. Nothing like a little face swap to freak you out for the holidays.

Source: imgur

27. This wonderfully weird one.

Source: imgur

Straight out of the Canadian trailer park.

28. The overalls/big bear combo is truly chilling.

Source: imgur

29. Looks like child pageant queen is a recurring theme

Source: imgur

30. The Christmas colored headbands are a nice touch.

Source: imgur

As are the visible back hair patches.

31. The family that bowls together...

Source: imgur

...looks like Kingpin extras together.

32. As hilarious as this one is, it does present a solution to a problem.

Source: imgur

No ornaments? No problem! All you need is a drinking... problem. Well I guess there is a problem, it's just a different kind.

33. Then there was this clear photoshop.

Source: imgur

I'm pretty sure those kids don't belong to them. Many, they probably had some very confused family members that Christmas.

34. This one really makes you appreciate the pets that stood still up above.

Source: twitter

In all fairness, if I was a cat, I'd probably freak out at the blink/sound of a flash myself.