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Source: Twitter

What Is up With Usher's New Haircut?


Unfortunately, Usher's new hairstyle is being mercilessly roasted by everyone online, but before you rush to defend the man, you have to see it first.

The R&B star holds a special place in my heart, mostly because he's done so much as an entertainer, producer, and businessman that one can't help but just respect the heck out of him.

The dude's always in shape. He's got a voice like an angel. He can dance like nobody's business.

Everytime he releases an album, it does amazingly well. He's also responsible for a little Canadian pop star who goes by the name of Justin Bieber. Sure, Biebs now kind of looks like your mountain-dwelling uncle who sells crystal meth when he isn't doing a terrible job of fixing people's trucks, but that's besides the point. Bieber, like Mr. Raymond, has a long history of making beautiful music that makes people happy.

Before you look at Usher's new hair-do, I want you to remember that this is the man that got Michelle Obama looking at him like this while she was sitting down right next to her husband, who was President of the United Friggin' States at the time.

I'm all for being adventurous and trying out new things, and I'm not saying that Usher can't exercise that right. But maybe a pompadour wasn't the best choice.