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Source: Twitter

This Tragic Chicken Got the Whole Internet to Finally Agree on One Thing

By Pippa Raga

How do you prepare your chicken? Almost a month ago, writer Spencer Althouse unearthed a decades-old video of Oprah Winfrey more than mildly disapproving of one woman's "million dollar" baked chicken recipe for not seasoning it, like, at all. 

"I, I, I— I do like it," Oprah forces herself to say before launching into "did we add salt and pepper? I think we need salt and pepper."

Spencer captioned the video, "I often think about the time Oprah did a cooking segment with a woman whose chicken recipe won $1 million, and Oprah's jaw dropped when she tasted it and realized the lady didn't even add seasoning." As the tweet made the rounds, it gained over-70,000 retweets and even caused the talk show queen to chime in on this nostalgic throwback. "I am used to having salt and pepper on my chicken," she said in a video response to Spencer. "That's just the truth, that's what I was thinking. This chicken needs some salt and pepper."

Source: OWN via Twitter