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Source: Netflix

17 'Bird Box' Memes That Capture the Anxiety-Driving Netflix Feature Perfectly


For families looking for something a little less wholesome and cheery this holiday week, Bird Box has been captivating Netflix watchers everywhere and inspiring some pretty hilarious hot takes on social media. Some mild spoilers follow, but here are the 15 Bird Box memes that made us laugh (nervously) about the Sandra Bullock horror-drama.

1. Nobody is Team Olympia.

Source: Twitter

I don't often wish a movie character dead within the first five minutes of meeting them, but that sure was the case with Olympia, the annoyingly cheerful mother-to-be played by Danielle Macdonald, who wanted to name her daughter "Jasmine or Ariel." (At least she recognized naming her kid Cinderella would be a bridge too far). 

But questionable baby names ended up being the least of our problems with Olympia. Honestly, it almost ruined another Netflix movie for me, Dumplin', which stars Danielle as the far more likable Willowdean "Dumplin'" Dickson.