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Source: istock

Bullies Who Mocked Overweight Woman at Gym Get Wrecked by Anonymous Hero


The one thing teachers didn't tell me and my fellow classmates growing up in elementary school is that bullies will still try and ruin your life well into adulthood. A woman who was trying to stick to her New Year's weight loss resolution  learned that the hard way when some jerkwads thought it'd be a good idea to film and mock her while she was working out.

I don't know who raised these monsters to make them think it's cool to treat other people like garbage, especially when they're trying to do something productive. I'm a dad with two children, and if I found out  they were bullying other kids, I'd count myself as a failure and immediately look for ways to rectify their gross behavior.

Thankfully, the bullies in this case were summarily shut down by a guardian gym angel. 

This redditor shared the story of a kind woman from a Facebook group he's a part of, who noticed what was happening to the woman.  He relayed her story in the comments section asking for advice on how to stick to an exercise routine and deal with the potentially stressful new environment of a gym. 

If you've never worked out before, being around all those banging and clanging weights can be intimidating.