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Source: istock

This Story About a Kidnapper Stalking a Supermarket Parking Lot Is Terrifying


I didn't always want kids. In fact, I was staunchly opposed to ever having them. However, something happens when you meet someone who's an absolute dime who does want kids: you do anything you can to keep them in your life. With me, from the moment I first talked to the woman who's now my wife, I knew she'd be an amazing mom. So I thought, "Ehh, I could do kids."

Nearly five years later, we've got two little ones and I don't even want to think about life without them. They're incredible, beautiful, and I'd post a bunch of pictures of them right here if the internet wasn't full of a bunch of creepers. More importantly though, I don't want to be that annoying parent who's constantly shoving photos of their children in people's faces. Nobody likes those people (except me now because I'm a big dorky parent).

As a proud papa bear, the thought of anyone even thinking about harming my children fills me with immeasurable rage and dread. I have nightmares about not being able to protect them, and feel guilty every time the little nuggets so much as bump their head.

Which is why this mother's story about witnessing her baby being stolen right out of her and her husband's grasp is terrifying.