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Source: instagram

This Lady Riding Through Walmart Drinking Wine From a Pringles Can Is Our New Hero


It's hard to imagine what a person has to do to get banished from a Walmart. This is the store where it's not unusual to see someone walking around wearing blankets and Snuggies — with nothing on underneath..

But this woman found out that, while Walmart has no problem with people walking around their stores rocking shirts like this, sipping wine from an emptied-out Pringles can at 6:30 am is apparently not kosher in their book. So not kosher, they notified the police of her activity. The cops found the offense serious enough to track her down.

They found the woman at a restaurant not far from the retail superstore and informed her she's no longer welcome in that particular branch of the Late Sam Walton's legacy. I don't know how Walmart bans work, but I'd like to think there's now a photo of this woman hanging in every single location around the world.