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Drunk Neighbor Blocked Geologist's Car With a Boulder, but She Got Revenge



They say all is fair in love and war, a sentiment I totally agree with, especially the war part. Just to clarify: I'm talking about prank wars, not petty squabbles between nations. My love for Black Sabbath's "Warpigs" aside, if you're the kind of person to initiate a prank, then you best be ready for some retaliation.

These people probably weren't counting on that when they rolled a huge boulder in front of their neighbor's car while she was asleep. If you're wondering what kind of person thinks it's funny to put a ton of effort into moving a giant rock just to inconvenience their neighbor, I'll tell you: a drunk person. In this case, two drunk people.

What these boozeified pranksters didn't count on or consider was that their neighbor, Melissa Scruggs, is a volcanologist. She literally studies rocks and geological formations for a living and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in that sweet science.

Normally, people aren't smashing that follow button for geologists on Twitter, but Scruggs' response to the prank has gotten her a lot of attention online.

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It all started when she woke up and saw this ridiculousness in front of her. Scruggs has described herself as "tiny," so moving that huge boulder all by herself would be a huge feat, if not impossible for someone of her stature.

And the whole reason they put the boulder in front of her car in the first place? It stemmed from a conversation Scruggs had with them the previous night.

One Twitter user thought such a drastic prank has to stem from a beef, which it did. Melissa explained the whole thing:

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Source: twitter

Her neighbors were throwing a huge party and invited a bunch of people. Tons of cars started piling up in front of other people's houses — it happens. The thing is, Scruggs needed to be out of the house by 7 a.m. for work, so she asked that the path to her car be cleared so she could get out on time. Their response was to place a boulder in front of her car. Big mistake. 

Scruggs dipped into her geologist tool kit and extracted a powerful handheld jackhammer to solve the problem.

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She could've easily waited until the afternoon to create a huge ruckus so as not to wake her neighbors, but why not get back at them by blasting the rock to bits early in the morning as they're trying to sleep off the effects of the previous night's festivities?

And that's exactly what Melissa did. 

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It's safe to assume her neighbor's weren't exactly thrilled to hear a machine designed to break apart boulders sounding off that early in the morning, but it didn't stop Melissa from chipping away at the huge stone until it was reduced to a pile of rubble.

...Which she left in a pile outside for her neighbors to see.

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Melissa expected them to have some sort of response to her hands-on approach to solving the boulder problem, but it turns out they didn't. I mean, are you really going to mess with someone who just decimated a rock at 7:30 in the morning? They also had to know on some level that they were in the wrong.

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Source: twitter

In case you were thinking the neighbors could've filed an ordinance for a "noise complaint," as it turns out, local law is entirely on her side. While 7:30 a.m. may be an ungodly hour to a bunch of partying peeps, it turns out to be a "perfectly acceptable" time for loud construction in Melissa's neck of the woods.

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Melissa's brazen act of prank-vengeance is inspiring a lot of people, like this guy's 5-year-old daughter, who dreams of becoming a vulcanologist when she grows up. 

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Aaron wasn't the only one struck by Melissa's attitude and career. Plenty of people in the comments applauded her role in a STEM field and fearlessness in the face of her neighbors, despite being a woman who was small in stature.

In short, people love the fact that Melissa's a bad-ass scientist who can out-prank a bunch of jerks who want to mess with her livelihood. Good for her.

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