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Source: hyundai

Vegans Are Upset This Super Bowl Ad Called Their Meals "The Worst Thing Ever"


For a group of people who are all about peace and harmony between living organisms, vegans tend to get extremely vicious whenever their lifestyle and way of thinking are criticized. So many are unsurprised by the shade Hyundai tossed towards veganism during a Super Bowl advertisement starring Jason Bateman.

In the commercial, the Ozarks star plays an elevator operator who takes riders on a tour of descending agony: think the David S. Pumpkins sketch but without Tom Hanks and scary movie references. No, it focuses on the more tedious, soul-sucking mundane experiences human beings create for themselves. Like dental surgery, jury duty, being in the middle seat of an airplane, giving your children the "birds and the bees" talk, and buying a car at a dealership.

The big reveal is that shopping for a Hyundai isn't like your ordinary car-purchasing experience (spoiler alert: it is), but before that happens, a vegan dinner party was painted as one of the "worst things ever" that people are forced to endure.

After getting off at the stop, riders are presented with this ominous sign, and then, a sight that freaked out everyone in the car: a woman proudly rocking a "beetloaf" she was more than happy to show off to guests.