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50-Year-Old Flight Attendant Walks on Plane Wing in Mid-Air


A United Airlines flight attendant just celebrated her 50th birthday by doing something you'd probably only see in a '90s action flick.

Usually whenever a story trends about an airline staff member, it's usually about something crummy they did. Or maybe it's a story about someone bringing an "emotional support" animal on board that is most definitely not an emotional support animal.

Due to the high stress of air travel, working in that service industry isn't for everyone. Sure, you have the perk of reduced or free airfare for yourself and loved ones, but it's not like you get paid the big bucks, so if dealing with people at their worst, most annoying, and stinkiest isn't your strong suit, it's probably best to stay away from that line of work.

But, again, there are some big perks to the job worth taking advantage of. That's what Sabrina Swenson did when she decided to make the most out of her 50th birthday celebration, by crossing a terrifying but exhilarating item off her bucket list: walking on the wing of a plane mid-flight.