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Source: Getty/Distractify

Woman Delays Entire Flight Because She Tried Bringing an "Emotional Support Squirrel"


Airlines are getting sick and tired of people trying to pawn off "emotional support" animals that aren't used for service purposes just so they could bring them on their plane. I get it Janine, you love the goldfish that you just won at the fair last night, but just leave it at home in the bowl where it belongs.

In fact, some states are going so far as to impose hefty fines on air commuters who attempt to bring an animal on a plane that isn't an actual service or emotional support animal. So if you ever dreamed of chewing honey-roasted cashews on a plane while your pet iguana is chilling next to you, well, I'm sorry.

Even though the crackdown's begun on those who try to bring their beloved pets into the plane's cabin with them, (which I don't fault them for because they legitimately fear for the safety of their pets' lives), that hasn't stopped some people from attempting to game the system anyway.