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Watch This Guy's Tesla Predict A Car Crash Seconds Before It Happens


Tesla's the wave of the future. Sure, a lot of people have range anxiety and the lack of charging stations, but with the new extended batteries the company's offering (over 300 miles off a single charge), that'll soon become a worry of the past.

And the fact that you can power your car with the sun and never have to worry about a crappy combustion engine ever again isn't the best part about owning one of these sexy pieces of tech: it's all the insane things Teslas are capable of doing. Its autopilot feature is incredible, not to mention they have the ability to find parking themselves, meaning you can just drive up to an entrance and let your car deal with the annoying parking bit.

But it turns out that the technology in Tesla vehicles are so advanced, that they could very well make the road a much safer place.

Like this dash cam footage from a Tesla showing the car predicting a crash two vehicles ahead and saving the driver from the accident.