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Women Get Blazed On Camera To Tell Epic 'High Herstory' Stories For 4/20

Women Get Blazed On Camera To Tell Epic 'High Herstory' Stories For 4/20
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1 year ago

One of my favorite go-to shows is Drunk History. I always wanted to do my own version of that show but there's a problem: I'm not a big fan of drinking too much. I think a little bit of alcohol is good, but only as a way to make weed more fun.

And if Drunk History is my go-to show, weed's my go-to inebriation vehicle of choice. It's not like I'm getting stoned 24/7, or even once a week or month, but when I do want to party, I can't think of anything better or more fun than getting high. Just keep me away from unhealthy food because I will eat every piece of junk in a mile radius.

Munchies aside, one of my other favorite things about smoking weed are the ridiculous conversations that come up when a group of people are blasted and just sharing ridiculous thoughts and telling insane stories while vegging out on the couch.

Which is why I find High Herstory so awesome.

Each episode focuses on a prominent figure in women's history, but like Drunk History, the person relaying the historical significance of the event is heavily under the influence—this time, with pot.

They've debuted three episodes to kick off 4/20 and they're all incredible.

Katharine Dexter McCormick, Mary Maclane, and Valerie Solanas' incredible lives and contributions to women's rights are chronicled in each of the debut episodes.

They're all under five minutes long, which is the perfect amount of time to realize that the bag of chips you've been reaching is finally empty, and maybe you should stop munching.

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