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Skittles Made A Really Bizarre Mother's Day Ad And Ruined It For Everyone

By Mark Pygas

With Wendy's earning social media praise for roasting their customers, a lot of companies have been looking at how they can get just as much attention online. At least, that's what the people at Skittles were probably thinking when they made this totally bizarre Mother's Day ad that's left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. Seriously who comes up with this stuff? We're all for a really clever and good ad but this one takes the cake on creepiness. People aren't shying away either from criticizing them for making this and absolutely nightmarish advert.

Yes, it features a grown man "tasting the rainbow" because he's still attached to his mother with an umbilical cord. Pretty weird if you ask us. I get there's some shock value in some of these ads but yikes.

No, we don't know what they were thinking. The ad has been pulled from official pages, like the main Skittles YouTube channel. That's probably due to comments like these: