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Woman Catches Sports Fans All Tripping Over The Exact Same Stair During Football Game


Football is a brutal sport. It's so much so many parents are beginning to not let their youngsters play the game. The NFL has worked hard to reshape it's image in recent years by enforcing rules that penalize overly rough plays. This has come under much scrutiny to purists who have accused the league of softening the game and making it less fun to watch. Some would argue that college football is infinitely more entertaining than the NFL now, especially if your alma mater is playing. It's considered to be more of a skill variant now than it's NFL counter part. Less focus on being huge, more focus on just playing the actual game.

But in a nail biting game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and Penn State Nittany Lions a few days ago, the action in the bleachers overshadowed what was happening on the field.

Abby Grau was seated in section 9C while cheering on her Bucks. After noticing a pattern some folks were making their way up past her, she whipped out her phone and captured this gem to share with the world. It seems whoever designed the stadium is the ultimate troll because by the time they got here they would all fall victim to the very same step each time.