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These Animals Wearing Hats Are Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

Here's a fun thing to do. Ask yourself: Is this something that exists on the Internet? Then go and see if you can find that thing. And guess what? You almost always win. 

Here's an example. Today I was wondering if there is a whole series of photos featuring animals wearing hats. The answer was yes, because the answer is always yes. And now I will do y'all the fine service of sharing this picture with everyone because the world needs to see these. No longer do animals in hats have to hide! 

Come to think of it, I guess they weren't really hiding. They were actually pretty easy to find. That was kind of the whole point of this game. Well, enjoy anyway!

So warm!
[X-post from aww] Tiny hat from AnimalsInHats
Captain Snake.
Reporting for duty, ssssssssssir! from AnimalsInHats
A very fancy snake.
Snake with a hat
They did this backwards, right?
Abra kibbledabra! from AnimalsInHats
She's ashamed!
This cat is full of joy from AnimalsInHats
She wants to spend some time in the shade, OK?
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Guess who is ready for Easter??
mooses first day of school!
St. Patrick's Day was crazy!
I'm ready to party from AnimalsInHats
Ready to perform from AnimalsInHats
This one makes me sad...
Don't look at me like that from AnimalsInHats
These are the hats we wear to feasts!
Guinea pigs eating parsley while wearing hats
His art is real, man.
Hipster fuck going on about lenses
It's a girl!
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That is a real jewel, by the way.
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Happy Birthday!
Frankie the chameleon celebrates a birthday.
Say cheese!
Fat rat in a hat from AnimalsInHats
Hipster Joe Camel.
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We're going on an adventure!
Camels do wear hats on long trips from AnimalsInHats
Don't mess with him.
GURNEY PERG from AnimalsInHats
Viva La Revolution!
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Who says sharks are scary?
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They look dapper, if you ask me.
Baby chicks in tiny hats! from AnimalsInHats
Let's explore!
Hey, sugar. from AnimalsInHats
She's fine with this.
A million times d'awww... from AnimalsInHats
No one came to this snake's birthday party.
So sad, all alone [x-post /r/funny] from AnimalsInHats

So much cute.