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Video Of Dog Having Far Too Much Fun On Gigantic Slide Re-Emerges On Twitter

You know how much fun going down those huge, gentle slides at county fairs feels? Actually, no you don't, because this dog is experiencing that slide at a level a human cannot. Just look at it: going down all splay-legged and joyful, then running as fast as it can back up to the top for another round. And that's a small dog; climbing those stairs probably burns half the calories it needs to live every day. But it's so worth it!

The tweet with the video of the unnamed, mysterious dog with the heart of an eternal child has been going massively viral since user @Satherax shared it on Saturday. People just need to see more happiness in their lives, as viewers attested:

But there is another group amongst the replies contesting @Satherax's ingenuity. It's allegedly not their footage, but something that's been circulating on the Internet for a long time, though people seem to having a hard time discovering its origin:

Okay, your choice. You can either be updry that someone shared video content that perhaps wasn't theirs and it went viral, or you can watch the dog video again. Choose wisely.