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Animals Who Have Gotten Too Mixed Up In Human Affairs

Animals Who Have Gotten Too Mixed Up In Human Affairs
1 month ago

There are a lot of animals who have figured out a  way to survive despite human encroachment. It was their world first, and it will probably be their world after we're gone, because they're smart as hell! Just look at all these animals who are slowly moving in on human territory. Can we really tell the difference between us and them?

Like these deer who bring friends over for snacks:

These owls that have important business matters to discuss:

This bear was just cruising the bar:

This starfish that is really judging you:

This cat who is trying to help out around the house:

These owls that are just super curious about tech:

The dog that drives:

This dog who strongly objects to Google's privacy invasion:

This cat who really thinks your diet is its business:

These sheep who have quietly replaced dogs:

The cat that is no longer phased by rush hour:

These dogs throwing an on-top-of-the-house party:

This dog who is a total Leonardo DiCaprio stan:

The baby elephant who won't settle for less than a hug:

This wild rabbit who really wants inside the house:

And finally the bear who wants to do the most human thing of all—eat too much pizza and pass out.

The animals are better at being people than us. Surrender!