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Little Mix's Jade Thirwall Throws A Themed Birthday Bash In London—And Her Outfit Has Fans Gagging
4 months ago

It's kind of difficult to keep track of all the pop acts that flood the radio - probably because I'm becoming an old fart. Or probably because all of their music sounds exactly the same.

So I get it when artists do their most to try and stand out in a musical genre that's absolutely flooded with a lot of indistinguishable prattle.

But then there are some artists who are just better at owning the whole unconventional outfit thing. I don't know why they're better at it, but it just seems more like a true artistic choice than trying to get attention for merely being different. 

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So when pop singer Jade of the group Little Mix decided to get as glowed-up as possible for her 25th birthday, people paid attention. She went with Candy Land-themed regalia and pushed the concept to the edge - in full drag queen mode.

She even was anointed with her own drag queen stage name: Shaneeda Nibbles, courtesy of William who was a contestant on Season 4 of RuPaul's Drag Race.

And the internet pretty much decided that Jade's Starbucks-Frap Drag look for her 25th birthday party, was indeed, great.

Other members of Little Mix showed up as well, getting dressed to the nines for the drag theme.

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The party itself looked incredible.

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I don't have a drag queen persona, but I'd probably draw inspiration from WWE's Goldust if it meant I got an invitation to an event as turnt as this.

Color me jealous.