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19 Important Details You Probably Missed In 'Avengers: Infinity War'

19 Important Details You Probably Missed In 'Avengers: Infinity War'
Updated 2 weeks ago

If you haven't seen Avengers: Infinity War then please stop reading this right now and go and see this Marvel masterpiece immediately.

Even if you're not a fan of the movies, even if you think comic book films are dumb, Infinity War does a heck of a job as a standalone movie. It's equal parts hilarious, devastating, and probably features one of the best comic book villains in a film, ever. You even forget the fact that Thanos looks like a purple John Cena, but don't take my word for it, take Chance the Rapper's.

Like any good Marvel movie, Infinity War is packed with tons of details and easter eggs for fans to fawn over, but a lot of them aren't so readily apparent.

WARNING: again, you can't say I didn't tell you, but this list is full of spoilers, so don't blame for for ruining the movie for you if you read this before checking the film out.

Nebula gets disassembled.

When Thanos tortures his adopted daughter, Nebula in the movie by disassembling her cyborg body parts, it's a new take on the way he tormented her in the comics - which was by keeping her on the brink of death, constantly in a zombie-like state. Brutal.

Ultimate Thor time.

A huge subplot in Infinity War is Thor's quest to make himself a new hammer, named Stormbreaker. Thor's new look after he gets the hammer is straight from the Marvel Ultimate series which depicts a stronger, mightier Thor rocking glowing orbs of electricity in his chest.

Captain America confronts Thanos.

Even after watching Thanos, with an almost full Infinity Gauntlet, beat the crap out of nearly every Marvel hero there is, heroes way stronger than him, Cap confronts the cosmic being, trying to stop him at all costs. While in the comic, Thanos smacks Steve Rodgers and snaps his neck, in Infinity War Thanos dispatches him just as easily, but doesn't kill him. One gets the sense in Infinity War that Thanos is impressed with Rodgers' resolve.

Colorless Vision.

Fans were traumatized at the sight of Vision being destroyed not once, but twice in Infinity War, when Scarlet Witch destroys the mind stone in his head, only to see Thanos use the Time Infinity Stone to bring him back and then rip it from his forehead, leaving a dull, colorless corpse on the ground. But if you know anything about the comics, this doesn't kill Vision, and he comes back as a "Colorblind" version of himself - with many of his memories and old traits gone. What does that mean for the relationship between him and Scarlet Witch? Probably not good.

17A Protocol.

When Stark calls for 17A Protocol, it results in Peter Parker getting quite possibly the coolest Spiderman suit ever (basically an Iron Man getup for the Web Slinger) but it also refers to Spiderman #17 where he dies while trying to save a woman and her daughter and ends up meeting Thanos in the afterlife, along with Lady Death. He ends up being granted life again after battling it out with Thanos for a bit, which may be good news for fans who were traumatized by the ending.

Poor Doctor Strange.

Ebon Maw is the creepy telekinetic alien dude in Infinity War who also happens to be one of the more powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. Although he wasn't really hyped in the trailers all that much, he plays a huge role just not in the film but in the comics as well. He's one of the most intelligent and cunning creatures in the Marvel Universe, and can persuade anyone to do almost anything, even the brilliant Dr. Strange, not just in the film, but in the comics, succumbs to tactics of Maw.

Hulk and the Defenders.

When Hulk is teleported off Thor's ship after Thanos attacks it and beats the green monster silly, he's thrown into Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum in NY to warn everyone that the purple menace is coming. This scene is mirrored nearly identically in the comics, but it's the Silver Surfer who's thrown down into earth, not Hulk. However, Surfer and Hulk are part of the same justice-serving team, the Defenders, so it's a pretty great way to tie everything together in the script and give a nod to the movie's source material.

Bucky is the White Wolf.

Bucky Barnes, AKA the Winter Soldier, AKA Steve Rodgers bro-crush becomes a ward of Wakanda after getting all of his Hydra-brainwashing removed. While preparing to fight Thanos, T'Challa refers to Bucky as "The White Wolf," a reference to a character in the Black Panther comics, who is the resident espionage expert in Wakana and T'Challa's adopted white brother. If Bucky survives Infinity War, there's a good chance he'll stay in Wakanda as a spy.

Farmer Thanos is all smiles.

The end of Infinity War depicts Thanos, after snapping his fingers and wiping out half of the known universe's entire population, including a bunch of Marvel superheroes we've come to love over the years, living life contentedly on some other planet, sitting on his farm and watching the sunset. He smiles, knowing the mass genocide he believed was necessary to keep the universe's resources in check was finally complete, sure he did the right thing. In the Infinity Gauntlet comics, his smile is for a different reason: it occurs after he's defeated by Adam Warlock and he realizes that he was "vain" to try and accumulate so much power. It's the same scene, just a different outcome, but still captures Thanos' character perfectly.

Groot's final words.

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn confirmed that Groot's final words before fading into nothingness, thanks to Thanos, to Rocket Raccoon isn't "groot," as one would think, it's "Dad". I know...I know. Excuse me while I go and cry my heart out right now.

Vormir, home of the soul stone and a character you thought was gone.

If you thought the guardian of the soul stone on the planet Vormir looked familiar that's because it was Red Skull, Captain America's old nemesis from the 1940s. The villain was destroyed while trying to obtain the power from the soul stone, and was made its keeper after his death.

Stan Lee's quick cameo.

Like every Marvel movie, Stan Lee, the godfather of Marvel comics makes a quick cameo, this time, as the bus driver when Peter Parker notices Thanos' space ship has crashed into earth.

A blue man reference from 'Arrested Development.'

The Russo brothers don't just direct Marvel movies, they were also responsible for directing a ton of episode for the insanely good TV series, Arrested Development. They managed to fit a reference from the show into Infinity War, a blue alien that is a dead ringer for Dr. Tobias Funke, who auditioned in the show to be a member of the Blue Man Group.

Teen groot loves the game Defender.

Not only is it a reference to the Marvel Defenders series, but the game Defender is pretty much the plot for Infinity War - saving planet earth from Alien invaders. Groot is playing the handheld game the whole time, much to the chagrin of the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

"We have a hulk."

In the first Avengers film when Loki confronts Tony Stark to warn him about earth's impending doom, he warns that he has an "army" to which Stark responds, "we have a Hulk." Loki uses this same line when Hulk comes to attack Thanos in the beginning of film.

Reality Stone attack in the comics.

Thanos uses the Reality Stone when the Guardians of the Galaxy attack him before he kidnaps Gomorra. With the stone he turns Drax into blocks and Matnis into ribbons. He does the same thing in the comics, but to two other characters: Eros and Nebula.

Spiderman shoots web into Thanos' face.

If you read the Infinity War comics then the scene where Spiderman shoots a gob of web right into Thanos' face will look familiar.

The snap heard round the universe.

Once Thanos has all of the infinity stones in his gauntlet, he has the power to destroy the entire population in the universe with a snap of his fingers. Which he does in the comics and the film.

Who Nicky Fury is calling after the credits.

If you've watched Marvel films before then you've become well-acquainted with the post-credits scene tradition. In Infinity War we see Sam Jackson's Nick Fury not only mutter his famous motherfu- before fading away, but he manages to send out a distress call to someone. On the communicator is a logo that fans would recognize as Captain Marvel's, which suggests she's going to play a big part in reversing events of Infinity War.