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Not A Drill: Starbucks May Be Releasing A Unicorn Frappuccino And It's Magical

Not A Drill: Starbucks May Be Releasing A Unicorn Frappuccino And It's Magical
1 year ago

Most freaky Starbucks drinks that make temporary appearances generally have both a hook and a specific flavor. A new beverage on the horizon appears to be purely for the Instagram crowd: The Unicorn Frappuccino. Glamour did some investigative digging and unearthed various references to the perfectly photographable and (hopefully) delicious drink on Reddit in the last few days, like this giant sack of pink powder that was quickly dissected in the comments:

Hmm, gotta be honest, that doesn't look too appealing, nor does this slightly melty version of the experimental frappe:

But more images have started popping up on Instagram under the hashtag #unicornfrappuccino. Though Starbucks hasn't officially announced anything about the addition to their menu, there are some details. Grub Street reports that a barista shared an image of a store poster advertising it that was subsequently deleted. I hope that doesn't mean her job was deleted, too. 

Starbucks may be trying to shut the barn door after the unicorn has already bolted, because there are lot of pics of this thing. I'm guessing it's berry flavored? Sort of how I imagine the spit of this magical creature would taste:

🦄🌈 This magical drink is launching April 19th! #unicornfrappuccino #starbucks #starbuckscanada #tobeapartner

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Coming Soon to Starbucks in Liverpool....The Unicorn Frappuccino #721starbucks #unicornfrappuccino

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F*CK ME!!!! What is this magic? @frappuccino #unicornfrappuccino #ineedyou #Starbucks

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450 calories?! I may as well eat an entire unicorn! Probably more nutrition and fiber in that, though, I bet the horns are hard to digest.