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12-Year-Old Australian Boy Drives 800 Miles By Himself Before Getting Caught

1 year ago

There's nothing quite like a road trip. You get to listen to good tunes, see beautiful sights, and make new friends. It's easy to plan, too. All you need to do is get in your car and go. The only requirement is a driver's license. Or so you would think.

Recently a 12-year-old boy from Australia tried to go on a road trip of his own. He left from Kendall, New South Wales and was hoping to make it all the way to Perth, Western Australia. It would have been a 2,558 mile trip, or as the Australians might put it, 4,117 kilometers. To give you a sense of what that might look like: 

He only made it as far as Broken Hill, NSW before he got caught. It was 800 miles away from where he started. 

The police pulled the boy over, not for being a 12-year-old, but because his bumper was hanging off and dragging across the highway. The police then arrested the boy and took him to to the local police station. So it looks like he will have to take his trip to Perth another time. Hopefully, when he is a lot older.