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Source: A&E

A Drop in Ratings and Homophobic Controversy Is Why They Canceled 'Duck Dynasty'


The Robertson family became the subject of one of America's top-rated cable shows when Duck Dynasty debuted on A&E. The program was an instant phenomenon, capturing ridiculous ratings in a field that was never really in the spotlight or the subject of TV viewing delight: duck hunting. After five successful seasons, however, A&E took the show off the air.

Why did they cancel Duck Dynasty?

There are a few factors that contributed to DD's days being numbered. One of the biggest reasons was a decline in viewership. When it comes to TV show production, successful shows like Duck Dynasty tend to become more expensive to make as time progresses. Yes, this applies to reality shows as well because even though people are "playing" themselves on TV, they still want to be compensated accordingly and get "raises" as one would get in any other type of job.