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Source: Getty Images

The Robertsons Are Expanding Their 'Duck Dynasty' 2 Years After the Show Ended


It’s funny to think that six years ago, one of the biggest names in reality TV was Robertson. The family’s A&E show, Duck Dynasty, dominated the entertainment headlines for almost half a decade. 

Even if you hadn’t seen a single episode of the series — which was once the most-watched nonfiction cable program in history — you'd immediately recognize Willie, Jase, Phil, and Si’s distinctive beards thanks to the insane media coverage this tribe of duck hunters used to generate.

But what have the Robertsons been up to recently? Like a lot of reality TV clans, the Louisiana business owners got mixed up in a few controversies during the height of their fame. Scroll down for an update on this outspoken band of Southerners.

Is Duck Dynasty still on?