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Strict Christian Mom Makes The Mistake Of Asking Twitter What This Is

 With so many family members packed in under one roof, Thanksgiving is a veritable powder-keg of accidentally catching a relative masturbating. 

This year, seemingly strict Christian mom, Patty Parsons,  learned this lesson the throbbing, rock-hard way.

Patty, who apparently stumbled upon a little gadget in her son's bathroom, is now becoming somewhat of an Internet celebrity after turning to Twitter to answer the riddle of what, exactly, it is... 

 Luckily for Patty, the Internet is an incredibly helpful place filled with lots of kind people who just want to help others solve their problems. Like these guys...

Naturally, Fleshlight itself couldn't pass up an opportunity to lend a helping hand. 

 Some people were actually trying to help poor Patty though.

 In the end, as often happens, the cold truth emerged.

Oh, Patty, you adorably naive woman or fake Twitter account created just to make this joke.

We love you.h/t HuffPo