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Source: istock/distractify

24 Age-Appropriate Kids Jokes That Will Always Get a Laugh

By Anna Quintana

Finding the perfect joke can be tricky — especially when you are put on the spot by kids. Not only does the joke have to be funny, it needs to be age-appropriate for your young audience. Luckily, some at-home comedians on reddit shared their go-to jokes for kids (and kids at heart) that have always gotten a laugh. 

So, ditch that boring knock-knock quip and check out these jokes that will make you the funniest person in the room. 

1. A squirrel and an elephant sitting in a tree.

Source: istock
A squirrel is living in a pine tree.
One day he feels it shaking, looks down, and sees an elephant climbing the tree.
The squirrel asks: "What are you doing climbing my tree?"
"Well, I'm coming up here to eat some pears," says the elephant.
"You idiot, this is a pine tree, there are no pears."
"Well, I brought my own pears."