These 30 Jokes Are So Far From Funny They're Guaranteed To Make You Cringe



I've taken a lot of comedy classes in my life. I've seen jokes about everything under the sun and even some about the sun itself. It takes a lot to impress me at the point which is why I am excited to say... that this following list did not. At least not on its comedic merit.

What I did find impressive was its ability to make me groan. That's not for nothing. I'm normally a pretty stoic person, but everything here just made me put my face in my hands and sigh. 30 times in a row. In some ways, I think that's more impressive than a few chuckles. 

1. Oh, I see what you did there.

2. This is bad advice

3. You also won't pass if you don't get this joke.

4. Including this sweet

5. He's the real star player

6. Get it together, cats

7. I hear they are going to therapy

8. It was a really good costume.

9. Also, they are extinct

10. Still gross.

11. The loudest of pants

12. It is the tea of the people

13. That's why they say "Foot in Mouth"

14. Don't make fun of his disability

15. Don't you give up on me!

16. I'm going to start doing this.

17. That'll be easy to remember.

18. Lots of couples meet this way

19. Peace be upon you

20. That's not what... Oh.

21. I prefer "Wheelsed."

22. Hey-Oh!

23. This makes sense.

24. Poor berry

25. Pretty good

26. You know, because of the long necks and whatnot.

27. Lots of pieces to this one.

28. What a bargain!

29. Jerks.

30. I guess this counts.

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