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Twitter Suggests 25 'Honest' Slogans For Social Media

Twitter Suggests 25 'Honest' Slogans For Social Media
6 months ago

Social media companies almost never advertise. Seriously, when was the last time you saw an ad on television for Facebook? I guess the idea is that Facebook ads are Facebook ads. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but what do I know?

Since companies like Facebook and Instagram don't have an ad campaign they have never needed to create a slogan for themselves. However, earlier this week users on another social media platform, Twitter, took it upon themselves to make ads for these companies and you know what? I now see why companies did not have their own slogan before. 

1. Look. Look. Look!
2. Poor LinkedIn sitting by himself.
3. We all get to write our own press releases.
4. Answer: Everybody.
5. You're welcome.
6. Sounds fun.
7. Answer: Everybody.
8. Yup.
9. You're not alone.
10. We won't tell.
11. You do you.
12. Acknowledge me!
13. Ah, that's the stuff.
14. They are all the worst.
15. Can't be one without the other.
16. I see enough of you already.
17. RIP.
18. Cutting into their turf.
19. Try to figure out which is which.
20. Why is this popular again?
21. It's like trying to solve a puzzle!
22. Ain't it the truth....
23. So please behave.
24. It's a trap!
25. Sad, isn't it?