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The 24 Worst Christmas Gifts Anyone Has Ever Received
4 months ago

It's always hard shopping for someone. You have to consider what they like, what you can afford, and whether something is available. With all of the factors in play, it is hard to believe anyone gets it right. 

Still people know that there are certain things to never give as gifts for the simple reason, why would you?

At least most people know that. There are some people who manage to screw it up every year, either out of stupidity or malice. Here are some of their worst offenses. 

2. What is the worst part about this?
3. Oh, honey. I never knew.
4. But you wear them so well.
5. Your gift comes in installments.
6. Now you can read about the game instead!
7. I think she just forgot to buy something.
8. She knows you like them.
10. This way you can cook for her for when she gets back from the slopes.
11. You still like coloring, right?
13. Your gift was hope.
14. Bet you learned a lot, huh?
15. So, what do you think?
16. We know how you love playing outside.
17. You can't say anything about this!
18. You don't want socks to expire, do you?
19. Hey. 73 cents is 73 cents.
21. This will make you understand.
22. He gave you the gift of a future!
24. How was this a gift for you?