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These Questions Are Why Watching Movies With Your Parents Is A Nightmare

4 months ago

There are fewer things more annoying or frustrating than watching a movie with someone who can't stop asking questions about the plot.

Especially when they know it's the first time you're watching the movie too. I mean films aren't that difficult to understand, usually when you just watch and listen, all of their little secrets make themselves known to you. It's a little thing called story-telling, and you'd figure most adults would be familiar with the concept by now.

Apparently not, however, as there are large number of parents, who, for some reason, find it necessary to constantly nag their kids while they watch movies with them. It doesn't matter the genre, the year the film came out, or who directed it - mom and dad will always ask you a million and one questions when you're watching a movie.

It's a common phenomenon, one that more than a few people on Twitter are all too familiar with.

From dialogue recaps...

To tips on how to avoid the madness...

To even explaining the mythos behind classic franchises...

Sometimes the questions have answers that are painfully obvious.

And just basic comprehension flaws.

Shout out to anyone who's had to deal with this kind of vagueness.

The struggle was very real.

The things some parents nitpick on are insane.

Some people just gave up.

Not like he's an iconic cinema character or anything.

Then there were mentions of different breeds of movie-watching commentary.

The best thing is to feign ignorance, oftentimes.

It's a serious problem, but like any social issue, it's important to know you have a bunch of people out there who understand your pain because they're going through the same exact thing.

You're not alone.